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Homily by Rev. Mason T. Beecroft, 08/29/2010

Our Gospel lesson this morning almost begs for a lawyer joke. So a lawyer, a priest, a levite, a Samaritan and Jesus walk into a bar…. We hear “lawyer” in our lawyer-filled culture and we have certain associations. Since there are so many lawyers among us, I will not make those associations for you. The lawyer in our Gospel lesson, however, practiced a different sort of law, a specialty largely unknown to us.

Then, a lawyer was also known as a scribe. He was probably a member of the Pharisee party and functioned as a respectable professional in society. Scribes studied, defended, and instructed on God’s law for the benefit of the people. As a professional expert, scribers were responsible for administering and judging God’s law in the Jewish courts. So this man knew the law, inside and out. There was nothing this man did not know about the law.

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